It can be hard to quantify what separates a good app from a great app. There are four aspects that the team at IrishApps consider to be the cornerstones of a great app. Design and Quality, Development and Detail.

The last three apps we’ve completed are all multi-platform but each of them are very different in many other respects. One is a HR based app for a multi-national medical company, one is a Sports related app for professional sports teams and athletes and the final one is a Facilities Management app. All three are very different in scope, scale, domain and audience but all three are great apps for the following reasons:

1. They are focused on one specific area and they do it very well.

This is a testament to the clients or owners vision for the app. Two are entrepreneurs and one a department manager, but all three had a very clear vision and expectation of exactly what they want their app or system to accomplish. In the future the apps may expand out in terms of their feature set, but for now they’ve launched with a laser focus on what they want to achieve which has allowed us at IrishApps to focus our energies on making that focused vision a reality.

2. Know your userbase.

The HR app is targeted at job seekers, the sports app at sports management professionals and the Facilities app at facilities managers. Each are very different, but each app understands it’s userbase and is designed specifically for that userbase. Each apps User Interface and User Experience is very different but very suitable for it’s niche.

Never lose focus of who your users are and what their needs are.

3. Quality and Detail.

What do all of your favourite apps have in common? I’ll bet it’s their level of quality and their attention to detail. The don’t crash, they operate with speed and do what they’re supposed to do. These apps exceed your expectations and raise the bar that little bit more than before.

You can use them intuitively, even on the very first use without having to rely on instruction or Help screens and the most important functions are the least amount of clicks away.

4. Design and Development.

Focus on the original design throughout the development process.

When we’re in the development phase we always focus on the original design and vision. Even when changes are requested in mid development, we still reference the original meetings and specifications to ensure we keep a consistent vision.