IrishApps have been dipping our toes into BlockChain Distributed Computing since 2012 and we were the first Irish software company to accept BitCoin payments back in 2012. Since then we’ve kept up to speed on the latest coding technologies and emerging infrastructures and we’re now writing distributed apps on the more stable block chains.

Bitcoin was the first and remains the default digital currency to use. Automated payment processing and block chain interoperability are becoming more and more robust as new and existing exchanges and organizaions provide ways to transact using Bitcoin.

With the introduction of Lightning Network technology and other side chain systems, it’s becoming possible again to transact micro-payments on Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies. The ever improving IPFS Network is making cross blockchain interaction and distributed filing and management easier with every new release. 

Ethereum is the go-to distributed computing platform right now and many of the alt-coins or distributed systems now on offer are built on Ethereum (eg. Augur). IrishApps are working hard to ensure we can provide affordable and high quality distributed apps (dapps) to our clients in the same way that we’ve provided industry leading software development, quality and project management to our mobile and cloud clients since 2011.

Block chain technologies can be quite complex in their implementation and structure but the underlying concepts are quite straight forward. If you’re conidering launching a distributed application or even just dabbling in investments around BitCoin, Ethereum, Ripple and other crypto-currencies then it’s well worth looking into the underlying technology and gaining a high level understanding and appreciation for the protocols.

Right now the IrishApps team are working hard on remaining at the forefront of this revolution in software engineering and ensuring we can provide the most affordable and common sense software development approaches for our clients.

If you’re thinking of launching a product in this space or want software developed for block chain then give IrishApps a call and Cathal (myself) or Mischa will talk you through the possibilities and provide some guidance on how to get started. Right now, this space is full of possibilities for entrepreneurs with the right vision but it’s an evolving space and things are changing on a weekly basis. It’s quite similar to the earlier days of the web or mobile when it wasn’t clear exactly how the space would evolve. This provides risk for early movers, but it also provides great opportunity. If you think back to the early web, cloud or mobile era, it was the early movers who established a foot hold in the market.

Regardless of the risks and the rapidly evolving nature of this space, it’s clear that crypto-currencies and block chain systems are here to stay and will form a significant part of future software systems.





I love engineering challenges. Working on new and exciting projects is what gets me up in the morning. Every project my team and I have created has taught us something new. We’ve been immersed in Software Engineering since 2001 and have evolved as a company through web, cloud, mobile, ai and more recently machine learning and block chain. I consider myself lucky to be involved in such as exciting profession and in a country that has embraced IT. If you want our experience and skills applied to your project or industry then give us a call and lets have a chat and see what we can achieve together.

Cathal Greaney and the IrishApps team.