After the specification and prototype have been completed it’s time to develop! Our developers will create and test your mobile/web application. We already have existing infrastructure that allows us to get a head start in the development of certain projects. With our ever expanding knowledge and resources, our process and time frames are becoming more efficient and fast paced. We have the experience to get to grips with almost any project and do so with the utmost confidence and ability.




Software Mobile App Development

There are so many devices and platforms to choose from today. We will help you choose the best platforms for your project. It is important to select the right platform in a strategic manner, allowing you to reach the people you want to and avail of the best resources. Making sure that a project is scaling from the start is also important. We can build small systems that have the potential to expand and grow as fast as you do.



Software Mobile App Development

The best mobile/web experiences require a robust back-end foundation. We have years of experience and knowledge in building the technical infrastructure for various technologies and resources. We can evaluate alternatives for such technologies and resources based on cost, time to market, implementation risk, performance, scaling, and security considerations. Most importantly, We make sure that we have a plan in place before we even begin development of the back-end systems of a project, ensuring there is a clear direction for the development team.



With any project we build, we always make sure that it can be adapted to suit changes made during its development, as sometimes even small changes made during development can improve an aspect of the project.Our Developers work closely with our design team ensuring that they are all on the same level. This ensures that everyone has a clear direction as to where the project is going and what each team member needs to do in order to stay in line with the project guidelines.



We test multiple versions of a project during the development process. In doing this we can test specific areas of a project as other areas continue to be developed. This saves time and allows us to see which areas can be approved and which areas need more work to fit the requirements of the project.





I love engineering challenges. Working on new and exciting projects is what gets me up in the morning. Every project my team and I have created has taught us something new. We’ve been immersed in Software Engineering since 2001 and have evolved as a company through web, cloud, mobile, ai and more recently machine learning and block chain. I consider myself lucky to be involved in such as exciting profession and in a country that has embraced IT. If you want our experience and skills applied to your project or industry then give us a call and lets have a chat and see what we can do together.

Cathal Greaney and the IrishApps team.